Summer Grand Prix/Club Champs

9369676_origThe Summer Grand Prix is a series of handicap races which are generally run from May through to August. As well as the two mile handicap race around the Rising Sun Country Park, the series incorporates plenty of other popular and challenging road, off road and track and field events, including the Club Championships, which is the pinnacle of Wallsend Harrier’s internal club racing calendar.

Summer Grand Prix

The SGP handicap series is a 2 mile course around the tracks of the Rising Sun Country Park starting at the Barking Dog (see map below). They take place about once a month on a Tuesday evening. There are prizes at the end of the year for the most improved runners over the course of the series. Meet at 6.30pm for a prompt 6.45pm start.

Here are the dates for the 2017 SGP series:

  • May 2nd
  • May 30th
  • July 18th
  • August 22nd

The following 2017 races also count towards the SGP:

  1. Blyth 10k – April 9th
  2. Spring Track Relays – April 9th
  3. Good Friday Relays (Elswick) – April 14th
  4. Terry O’Gara Memorial 5k – April 23rd
  5. Sunderland 10k/Half Marathon – May 7th
  6. Track & Field 1, Monkton – May 7th
  7. Gordon Smith Relays – May 10th
  8. Pier 2 Pier – May 14th
  9. Clive Cookson 10k – May 24th
  10. Track & Field 2, Monkton – June 4th
  11. Newburn River Run – June 14th
  12. Anita Nott Memorial Run (women only) – June 26th
  13. Tynedale 10k – June 27th
  14. Run Northumberland Coquet Half Marathon – July 2nd
  15. Track & Field 3, Monkton – July 9th
  16. Sunderland 5k – July 13th
  17. LGBT 5K (Town Moor) – July 21st
  18. Track & Field 4, Churchill – August 5th
  19. Gateshead 10k Trail Run – August 12th
  20. Quayside 5k – August 23rd
  21. Club Championships – September 19th – all participants get 50 points


  • 2 x best SGP races
  • 2 x best road races
  • 1 x trail run
  • 1 x relay race/track (run, jump or throw)


View previous years’ results here

Club Championships

The Club Championships is the race to participate in within the club…whether you are aiming to be the Club Champion, whether you are aiming to never miss a Club Championship since joining the club or whether you are looking to compete with yourself and aim to set a PB for 6 miles (men) or 3 miles (women) then make sure you get the date in your diary.

The route consists of one (approx. 3 mile) lap for the women and two laps (approx. 6 miles) for the men. The course starts and finishes at the top of Rheydt Avenue (the car park of the Centurion Golf Club in Wallsend) and takes runners along Appletree Gardens, Up Benton Road, Along the Coast Road and back down West Street for the first (and only lap for the women!) lap.
The race starts at 6.45pm with all runners starting at the same time.

This year it will take place on September 19th. The race is always followed by a good old-fashioned Wallsend Harriers night out!

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