X-Country Harrier League

Don’t hide from the winter blues, embrace them at the North East X-Country Harrier League! No need to be put off by the mud and the cold, x-country is a great experience and much better than sitting at home feeling guilty about not running.

Bring the family along all wrapped up and make a day of it as there’s plenty of cracking Wallsend home-baking and thermoses. We’ve even invested in a new tent! And loads of us go for a well-deserved pint afterwards. And as for the running, once you’ve tried mud you’ll never go back! You can always tell who has been hard core in the winter when the spring/summer season resumes. You can’t beat winter strength conditioning. You don’t have be an experienced x-country runner to get involved. It’s truly a team race, where every finisher can potentially boost the Club’s position.

Below is a general timetable for a typical x-country day but of course if things change from race to race we will update you.


2017/2018 North East Harrier League X-Country Fixtures

30th Sept 2017 – Wrekenton

8th Oct 2017 – Druridge Bay

28th Oct 2017 – Sherman Cup; Temple Park, South Shields

18th Nov 2017 – Ackley Heads, Durham

6th Jan 2018 – Herrington Country Park, Sunderland

10th Feb 2018 – Thornley Hall Farm, Peterlee

3rd Mar 2018 – Alnwick

Visit the North East Harrier League website for details on each fixture.


Championship Dates:

9th Dec, 2017 – North Easterns, Redcar

27th Jan, 2018 – Northerns, Leeds

24th Feb, 2018 – Nationals, London



Under 11s mixed 12:15

U13 Girls 12:25

U13 Boys 12:35

U15 Girls 12:45

U15 Boys 12:55

U17 & U20 Women 13:05

Senior & Veteran Women 13:10

U17 Men 14:00

Senior & Veteran Men 14:10


Useful info for first-timers:

A word for our first time runners, parents & carers, it’s a good idea to arrive a good 45 mins early to allow plenty of time to warm up and familiarise yourself with the course. Also, cross country can be a cold, blustery and sometimes wet environment so please come prepared with warm coats, hats, gloves and a good pair of boots that you don’t mind getting a bit muddy.


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